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About Us

Happy Valley Uganda, Inc. was formed in 2008 and launched in 2011 by Bill and Elke Spoor as a high-impact educational initiative that gives the children of southwestern Uganda a pathway out of poverty. The founding objective is to provide intellectually capable children with a challenging secondary school education, real-world life skills and the strong character that results from Christian values.

In 2014, HVU was designated an official Community Based Organization by the Ugandan government, in recognition of its strong track record promoting academic excellence among the region’s most vulnerable children. With CBO status, Happy Valley Uganda can access even higher levels of organizational support as it pursues its educational objectives.

Since the Spoors absorb 100% of overhead costs, every dollar of fundraising flows directly through to HVU's projects.

Our Projects

This mission of Happy Valley Uganda, Inc. is being achieved by means of two complementary projects:

The Enrichment Program: the EP is an educational program that gives 90 seventh grade girls and boys the academic support they require for admission to secondary school, in a Christian environment. The students are provided food, healthcare, school supplies, and education. With eight staff members and six teachers, our staff-to-student ratio is 11 to 1.

The Happy Valley Academy: currently being built on land that HVU acquired, HVA will be a co-educational school that provides a high quality, tuition-free, six-year Christian secondary school education to young Ugandans. The school is focusing its curriculum on traditional academics and vocational skills in tandem. Like the Enrichment Program, HVA will provide food, healthcare, and education to its students.