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Amon AkankwasaIn His Own Words...

Amon Akankwasa

I was born on January 27, 1987 in Nyaruhanga, Uganda. At the age of one, my parents divorced, leaving me in the care of my grandmother. In 1995 I was enrolled in primary school, and before long I was blessed to be one of the children sponsored through Compassion International by Bill and Elke Spoor. They paid for my school fees, clothes, and scholastic materials, extending their support beyond the reach of the program, empowering my family economically by giving us goats and sheep. The Spoors visited us many times in Nyaruhanga, and through our interactions, I was encouraged to set life-enhancing goals. Their involvement helped me grow into a respectful person who enjoys others in a friendly way and makes responsible decisions for myself.

“I’ve learned to value education
as the key to success in life.”


In 2015, I graduated with honors from Kyambogo University, Uganda, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Industrial Design, and have launched my own business. Over the years, I’ve learned to value education as the key to success in life. I hope to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired through my intensive study to enrich my family and the other members of the community, and enable them to reach their own goals, in Jesus’ name.