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Sunday morning tree dedication for HVU

Kabale health clinic talking to students about healthcare

Class in session

Class in session

Brian teaching math

Past HVU students who have careers using their HVU education

Carrying firewood and water

Putting dishes away after breakfast

Visiting the home of one of our students and meeting the neighbors

Class in session

A bathroom in Nyaruhanga, Uganda

Building a temporary latrine

Construction laborer working without shoes

Parent of EP student after treatment at the clinic

Sibling of EP student after treatment at the clinic

Cattle enjoy lots of liberties in rural Uganda

Pineapples sold off of a bike in Kabale

Construction laborer who works without shoes

Printing business in Kampala where one of our former HVU students works

Busy streets of Kampala – the capital of Uganda

Nyaruhanga where a 3 to 1 grade is cultivated by hand

Silver back mountain gorilla in Bwindi adjacent to HVU land

The road to Rwanda

Maximizing the use of a bike hulling bananas and pineapples

Lake Bunyoni where most boaters don’t know how to swim

Lake Bunyoni resident in her canoe

Lunch at a nice restaurant with friends

Rock makers

Neighbors cutting through HVU land

Coming home from a long day turning over soil

Bringing water home

HVU’s motorcycle to get to/from town

Some of the HVU staff without the women present for some reason

People’s feet are the most reliable transportation

Roads are dusty and lots of things get carried on your head

Neighbors of HVU land


Long time friends of HVU

A building architect we interviewed

Lake Bunyoni busy docks

Some of the Enrichment Program Students

Student picking up food for their families at HVU during the pandemic

Dropping food off to EP families during the pandemic

Handing out school supplies at the EP

Outdoor service to start the new school year


Local fabric

Livestock is often underfed in Uganda

Gad and Lainas HVU cooks

HVU land watchman makes sure people don’t squat or cut the trees down

Hauling product and people to market

Ugandan hospital – you need to bring your own sheets, food, dishes

Ugandan hospital room where family sleeps on the floor at night

Boat captain

Schoolyard dancing

Local residents

Village meeting about how HVU will use the purchased land

EP Student with his mother after full recovery from surgery

EP student in post-op

Geoffrey Tumwineyo, HVU’s first EP director

In honor of Geoffrey’s life

The team from Rugarama Hospital on their 2nd visit to the EP for the year to do checkups

Checkups for the students including dental

Teaching EP students how to maintain good health

Aryatuha Brian — the Enrichment Program Director and Math Teacher

Kyomuhendo Agnes — Enrichment Program Teacher of English and Christian Studies

Former EP Student Who Is Now Studying Medicine

Enrichment Program Student

Enrichment Program Student

Enrichment Program Student Who Wants To Be A Doctor

Song and Dance for the EP – 3:16 mins

Ugandan Dance Finale – 8:11 mins