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A Poem from the Students, January 2017

The below work was composed by the children of the Enrichment Program to honor a visit from our charitable partners.

Neither words nor expressions
Can describe this vividly; Only our inner hearts can tell.

Happy Valley Uganda, Happy Valley Uganda,
Your existence means a lot to us; Our life, our pride
Your coming is then good tidings,
Good tidings to our ears
And our country Uganda
Particularly Nyaruhanga Community
Connected to International Community by you.
The interconnectivity to us is the handiwork of God.

For so long
For so late
You saved a soul!
What a happy people
We are today! Because you existed
Oh, May God bless you!

You crossed oceans, valleys
And mountains for me
Not knowing me in a formless form
What love,
What a priceless gift you are to us!

Where would I be if you did not pick on me? Where would I be?
Everyone else had deserted me
Minding for his own business. Where would I be?
May be I would be:
Moving up and down,
Climbing thorny hills of Uganda for my survival,
Or I would be married at my age, like my young brothers and sisters have done
Or I would be a victim of AIDS due to ignorance,
Or at last dead, rotten and forgotten.

You picked on me,
Though you did not know me. You healed me,
You nursed me, You dressed me, You fed me,
And above all;
You have given me holistic education of
My life for a bright and rewarding future.
You have equipped me with the best scholastic materials, enriched me with knowledge,
Medication and extraordinary care a parent would give his only child. Oh!
What a priceless gift from United States of America!

Through Program Director Geoffrey, You have touched our lives.
It's therefore befitting to clap for you, It's befitting to smile for you,
It's befitting to dance for you,
It's befitting to sing for you,
It's befitting to pray for you. Oh Happy Valley Uganda!

Just as precious stones are hard to find, So you are;
Rare to find,
But for us who were found
Are wealthy, healthy
And  happy.

Oh, loving and caring People, Stuck in our memories till death!
Mr. Jamie Van - May God bless you.
Mr. Ryan Grundy - May God bless you.
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Elke Spoor - May God bless you.

Long live America, Long live Uganda,
Long live Happy Valley Uganda,
In God we trust, and for God and my Country.