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Primary Leaving Exam Passing Rate 

In 2011, HVU launched the Enrichment Program, a weekly tutoring program designed to give Primary 7th-grade schoolchildren the educational support they needed to pass the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) and become eligible for secondary school.

The results have been dramatic. As of March 2018, 100% of the children who attended the Enrichment Program passed the PLE, comparing favorably with the PLE passing rate of 85% in their local schools, 87% in the Rubanda District, and 92% nationally among children who were not beneficiaries of the program.

Primary Leaving Exam -- Passing RatesSignificantly, of the Enrichment Program graduates, 96% have enrolled in secondary school, far exceeding the national matriculation rate of 24%. The Enrichment Program's strong results imply that its combination of academic support, practice drills and individual mentoring result in consistently high standards of performance from the girls and boys.


Secondary School Placement Rate 

Enrichment Program Graduates -- Placement in Secondary School